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Terminator Fuel Cell Lighters

Terminator Fuel Cell Lighters

Terminator Fuel Cell Lighters

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Smoking kills, but so do Terminators, so if you find yourself fighting to the death with these lethal machines in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you might as well relax and light up with a cool new Terminator Fuel Cell Lighter. These futuristic lighters were reverse-engineered from crushed robot parts found inside a hydraulic press at Cyberdyne Systems Corporation and are near perfect replicas of the nuclear fuel cells embedded in the chest of T-800 series of Terminators. They're built to last, even through Judgement Day, of die-cast metal with chrome plating and are fully functional, but unfortunately they only use butane fuel instead of true nuclear power. Coming soon: mimetic poly-alloy AKA liquid metal silly putty!

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