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3D T-Rex Chocolate Dinosaur Mold

3D T-Rex Chocolate Dinosaur Mold

3D T-Rex Chocolate Dinosaur Mold

This cool new 3D T-Rex Chocolate Dinosaur Mold from ChocolateConstruction lets you and your kids construct an edible three-dimensional Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton made from tasty chocolate bones. Just melt the chocolate, pour it into the nine bone-shaped cavities of the silicone mold, let it cool, carefully excavate the chocolate bones, and then re-assemble them by matching the notches to the matching slots which are numbered to make it easier. Perfect for making a unique birthday cake topper, giving something interesting for a paleontologist to do in their free time, or satisfying the sweet tooth of chocolate loving dinosaur fans.

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  • The world's first notched, chocolate-building mold
  • Melt, fill, excavate, and build your own edible, 6-inch tall, chocolate T-Rex
  • Silicone mold with nine cavities for the various bones which will make up your chocolate T-Rex
  • Each piece is "notched" with a rectangular slot
  • For ease of construction, beside each notch in the mold is a raised number which corresponds to a second notch with the same number

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