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Miller High Life Dive Bar Ice Cream Bars

Miller High Life Dive Bar Ice Cream Bars

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When you're a kid, you head to the ice cream truck for tasty ice cream bars and when you're an adult, you head to a... dive bar!? In celebration of awesome dive bars and the 100th anniversary of the ice cream bar (I guess somebody is keeping track of these things), Tipsy Scoop and Miller High Life have partnered up to combine the best of both with these cool new Miller High Life Dive Bar Ice Cream Bars.

Each limited edition ice cream bar is made from premium ice cream infused with actual Miller High Life beer (up to 5% ABV) and contain dive bar-inspired ingredients like a salty peanut swirl just like the bowl of nuts on the bar, a hint of tobacco smoke flavor that's reminiscent of that permanent lingering scent of a dive bar, a gooey caramel swirl inspired by the typical sticky floor, a sprinkle of carbonated candy to celebrate the effervescence of The Champagne of Beers, and a dark chocolate outer shell to evoke memories of dark wood and the relaxing ambiance of dim lighting. They come in a six pack, so please enjoy these boozy ice cream bars responsibly.

Hmm, in a pinch, I guess you could always just make a Miller High Life ice cream float instead. 🍺🍦

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