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Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack

Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack

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Have you ever had a Hasselback baked potato? Not Hasselhoff. Hasselback. Instead of a traditional steaming hot mushy baked potato, Hasselback baked potatoes have thin slices fanned out across the entire potato so they cook faster, have extra crispy edges on the outside, a tender inside, and there's much more room for tasty toppings. It's kind of like making extra thick potato chips that are still attached to the potato. However, cutting the potato this way usually results in either accidentally cutting all the way through or cutting uneven slices, but there's now an easier way.

This cool new Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack lets you quickly and easily prepare a crispy Hasselback-style baked potato. Just grab a spud, place it onto the metal studs in the depressed center of the cutting board, slide on the stainless steel cutting guide, and cut between the lines using a knife. Then just fan out the slices, bake or grill as usual, and then go crazy with the toppings. Check out the video below to see it in action. Hungry yet?🥔😋

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Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack
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Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack
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Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack
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Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack
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Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack
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Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack
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Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack
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