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Super-Sized Ice Cream Scooper

Super-Sized Ice Cream Scooper

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You'll definitely scream for ice cream when this cool new Super-Sized Ice Cream Scooper digs out an entire pint of ice cream all at once, because, technically, you're only having one scoop. This gargantuan ice cream scooper is constructed in Germany from chrome-plated sturdy brass for the handle and high-quality 18/10 stainless steel for the huge 4" diameter scooping bowl. Sure you could eat directly out of the carton, but this will make your voracious sweet tooth seem more civilized.

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Super-Sized Ice Cream Scooper
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Super-Sized Ice Cream Scooper
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Super-Sized Ice Cream Scooper
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Super-Sized Ice Cream Scooper
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Super-Sized Ice Cream Scooper
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Super-Sized Ice Cream Scooper
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Super-Sized Ice Cream Scooper
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Super-Sized Ice Cream Scooper
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Super-Sized Ice Cream Scooper
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