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Boil Buoy - Boiling Water Chime

Boil Buoy - Boiling Water Chime

Boil Buoy - Boiling Water Chime

Do you get bored waiting for water to boil? Well, instead of watching the pot forever, do something more productive and be alerted when it's ready when you use this cool new Boil Buoy - Boiling Water Chime. Just fill your pan with water, drop in this innovative little buoy, turn on the flames and walk away. When the water begins to boil, it causes it to rock, sway and ring a built-in chime to let you know it's ready. This 100% food- and heat-safe buoy features a weighted bottom to ensure it stays upright and ready to ring, a stainless steel chime and an enclosed foam core for buoyancy. An inventive solution that adds a fun, nautical touch to the kitchen!

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  • A watched pot never boils, but a ringing one does
  • Place in a pot of water, turn up the heat, and wait for the ringing chime
  • Weighted bottom ensures Boil Buoy stays upright and ready to ring
  • Stainless steel chime, with enclosed foam core for buoyancy
  • Made from 100% food- and heat-safe materials
  • Size: 125mm T x 85mm W

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