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Quirky Crisp - Collapsible Toaster

Quirky Crisp - Collapsible Toaster

Quirky Crisp - Collapsible Toaster

For the amount of times I actually use the toaster, this appliance seems to take up entirely too much valuable counter space in the kitchen. The solution is the cool new Quirky Crisp - Collapsible Toaster. This inventive, space-saving toaster collapses like an accordion down to only 2.5 inches wide when not in use. It features two expandable toasting slots, a removable catch-all tray for crumb disposal and convenient cord management. Unfortunately, it's still in development at, but I think others who can't get enough counter space will agree that this needs to exist.

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  • Two expandable toasting slots
  • Removable catch-all tray for crumb disposal
  • Cord management at the foot of the unit
  • Materials: Charcoal grey plastic and darkened brushed metal
  • Size Closed: 7.5" L x 2.5" W x 5.7" H
  • Size Open: 7.5" L x 5" W x 5.7" H

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