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Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards

Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards

Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards

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How many times have you reached carefully into a hot oven, only to accidentally touch or brush up against a screaming hot metal oven rack with your arm or hand? It's so easy to do and it happens to me all the time. I found a cool new solution to these searing oven rack burns, Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards. Simply snap both of these 18" fabric guards onto the outer edges of your oven racks (they fit most standard ovens) and the special firefighter developed Dupont Nomex fabric will help protect you when removing or adding items to a screaming hot oven. They're safe for high temperatures up to 500° F, can be left attached between uses, use snaps for easy installation or removal, and are machine washable. A simple yet effective solution for protecting yourself from vicious burns while cooking and baking in the oven. Note: these oven rack guards are not intended under the broiler, during cleaning cycles, or to pull out a hot oven rack

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