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DeLonghi - Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

DeLonghi - Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

DeLonghi - Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

I love my outdoor grill, but in the wintertime I really don't want to be standing out in the snow grilling steaks and it's just not the same thing cooking them indoors in the oven. I need an indoor grill, but my smoke alarm is beyond sensitive, so it needs to be abolutely smokeless. I think found the perfect solution. Check out the cool new DeLonghi - Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill.

This indoor grill is truly incredible. It has a great cast iron grilling surface that is naturally nonstick and which can distribute heat evenly across the surface. Although there is no flame, this 1,500 watt electric grill uses radiant and direct heat to reach steak searing temperatures up to 450°F and it even has a gentle warm settings for vegetables. It's smokeless because it has perforations right in the grill plate that help to channel fat and juices to a removable drip pan. Best of all, this unique grill has a large 288" sq. cooking surface, which can accommodate 4 New York strip steaks at once!

I don't know why, but I still miss the smoke and flames of an outdoor grill though. :(

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