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Lifesize Anatomically Correct 100% Chocolate Human Skulls

Lifesize Anatomically Correct 100% Chocolate Human Skulls

Maybe you're a mad doctor with a sweet tooth, someone who thinks everyday is Halloween, or just someone into disturbingly decadent confections, then these cool new Chocolate Human Skulls are for you. These lifesize, anatomically correct human skulls aren't made from bone, they're hand-cast from the finest Belgian chocolate in a mold taken from a genuine human skull that is then hand-finished and dusted in a fine cocoa powder in a sterile environment. Unlike a flavorless real skeleton, these creepy craniums are edible for up to 6 months when kept in a cool, dry area, like a casket in a dark tomb. Available in Dark, Chili, Caramel, and milk chocolate.

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