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French's Yellow Mustard Skittles

French's Yellow Mustard Skittles

French's Yellow Mustard Skittles

Just in time for National Mustard Day... I know, I know, calm down... French's Yellow Mustard and Skittles Candy have come together to form some kind of cool new intriguing condiment / confection called French's Yellow Mustard Skittles. These super limited edition Skittles combine the flavors of sweet candy with tangy yellow mustard all in a chewy, bite-sized form. To score a bag of these unusual flavored Skittles, which might be really good on a hotdog, you can either find the yellow mustard mobile on the East Coast located at cities and dates listed on the McCormick website or you can just fill out their online form and try to win a bag instead... and then immediately turn around and sell them for big bucks on eBay!

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