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CRKT Williams Tactical Self-Defense Key / Screwdriver

CRKT Williams Tactical Self-Defense Key / Screwdriver

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Hopefully, you'll never need to use this cool new CRKT Williams Tactical Key as a self-defense weapon in an attack, but it does double as a handy Philips head screwdriver that conveniently stows away on your keychain as well. Designed by former Army officer and martial arts instructor James Williams, this personal self-defense tool may look like an ordinary key hanging from your key ring, except it has a disguised sharp steel tip that can not only help save your life, but can screw in screws during peaceful times too. You never know when you could walk into a dangerous situation and having this concealed tool on you is great peace-of-mind.

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Muzzleshot - Tactical Shot Glass
Shot glass inspired by the A2 flash hider from an M16/M4 that has been machined out of solid aluminum and hard coat anodized in a dark grey finish.
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SilentPocket - Cell Phone Silencing Pouch
Just like checking your guns at the door in the Old West, I think I'm going to start making people check their obnoxious smartphones into this cool new Cell Phone Silencing Pouch that effectively blocks all radio signals, so phones cannot receive or send distracting calls, text messages, emails, transmit GPS coordinates, or even access the Internet - including this site.
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Campfire Defender Fire Cover - Extinguish or Preserve a Live Fire
A handy fire control blanket that can either quickly extinguish a live burning campfire, help to safely preserve the hot coals by putting the fire to sleep until morning, or prevent unexpected weather like rain, wind, or snow from disrupting it.
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CRKT Williams Tactical Self-Defense Key / Screwdriver
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CRKT Williams Tactical Self-Defense Key / Screwdriver
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CRKT Williams Tactical Self-Defense Key / Screwdriver
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CRKT Williams Tactical Self-Defense Key / Screwdriver
Super tiny, yet fully functional corkscrew for your keychain!
CRKT Williams Tactical Self-Defense Key / Screwdriver
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CRKT Williams Tactical Self-Defense Key / Screwdriver
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CRKT Williams Tactical Self-Defense Key / Screwdriver
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CRKT Williams Tactical Self-Defense Key / Screwdriver
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CRKT Williams Tactical Self-Defense Key / Screwdriver
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