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Tabasco Sauce Mini Bottle Keychain Cap

Tabasco Sauce Mini Bottle Keychain Cap

Tabasco Sauce Mini Bottle Keychain Cap

If you can't go anywhere without worrying about hot sauce availability, then keep it with you at all times with this cool new Tabasco Sauce Mini Bottle Keychain Cap. This convenient keychain has a matching cap for those little Tabasco Sauce Mini Bottles so you can screw it on one and take it with you everywhere you may roam. The keychain includes one mini bottle and refills are readily available. It also make a fun gift for any hot sauce loving enthusiast.

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  • A portable way to add flavor wherever you are
  • The keychain cap can be unscrewed and then re-attached to a new mini bottle of Tabasco Sauce
  • One mini bottle is included with the keychain
  • Made from durable 3D printed plastic

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