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Captain Morgan Hot Sauce Cannon

Captain Morgan Hot Sauce Cannon

Captain Morgan Hot Sauce Cannon

No matter whether you're a buccaneer, a pirate, or just a swashbuckling mascot for a rum company, blasting hot sauce from a little cannon onto a meal after a long day of sailing the high seas is a great reason to raise up one leg in triumphant victory. This cool new Captain Morgan Hot Sauce Cannon is a fun hot sauce bottle shaped like a cannon that rolls into battle on the dining table on a matching wheeled cannon stand. There's no description of the actual hot sauce or whether or not it's made with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, but the bottle cannon is reusable, meaning that you can refill it with your own supply afterwards. I just hope it has some much needed citrus in there to prevent scurvy... Arrgh!

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  • Captain Morgan brand hot sauce in a cannon shaped bottle, with a matching cannon stand
  • Eat, Drink & be Merry like a Captain by adding his favorite Hot Sauce to all your meals
  • Perfect for pirate themed parties or as a gift for anyone who likes to party like the Captain, with some seriously spicy flavors
  • Cannon shaped bottle can be re-used and continually enjoyed, long after the last drops of this hot sauce have been fully savored
  • Captain Morgan hot sauce is a perfect blend of heat and taste, and is sure to hit the spot

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