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Illuminated Floating Fireball Props

Illuminated Floating Fireball Props

Illuminated Floating Fireball Props

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No matter whether you need to conjure up a powerful fireball from your hand for a Halloween costume, cosplay outfit, tricking your friends, pretending you're an anime character in the real world for some reason, or are just an actual superhero who lost all their powers and still wants to seem normal amongst their fellow super-colleagues, then check out this cool new Floating Fireball Prop 2.0. These colorful and brightly illuminated handheld fireballs seem to float like magic two inches above the palm of your hand, yet are safe for everyone to be around. The illusion is created by a nearly invisible, transparent plastic hand strap that is attached to the bright polycarbonate fireball. With a wave of your hands and an ominous pose, surely everyone will now believe that you have super powers. They might. Check out the video below to see them in action.

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