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Trucker's Friend Multi-Tool

Trucker's Friend Multi-Tool

Trucker's Friend Multi-Tool

Whether it's an emergency / survival situation, construction / demolition job, or just a voracious brain-munching alien zombie is in your way... you can't go wrong carrying this cool new Trucker's Friend Multi-Tool. This hardcore all-purpose tool lets you hack, pry, pull or pound anything into total submission. It features a carbon steel curved axe, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, spanner, pry bar, and lever that are all connected to a non-conducting fiberglass handle with a shock absorbing power grip. A handy tool that delivers peace-of-mind and results.

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  • Handy all-purpose hand tool designed for professional truck drivers
  • Cut branches, pry loose nails, chip away hard-packed ice, and more
  • Curved Axe (fully resharpenable)
  • Carbon Steel Axe Head
  • Hammer and Nail Puller
  • Pry Bar and Lever
  • Ice and Debris Removal
  • Spanner (for hose couplings)
  • Wire Twist
  • Grapple Hook / Tire Chain Hook
  • Fiberglass Handle (non-conducting)
  • Shock Absorbing Powergrip
  • Made in USA

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