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Garden Groom PRO - Lightweight Rotary Blade Hedge Trimmer

Garden Groom PRO - Lightweight Rotary Blade Hedge Trimmer

We loved the original Garden Groom last year and this year we love it's new upgrade, the more powerful Garden Groom PRO. Everyone loves nicely trimmed bushes and hedges in their yard, but everyone despises the cleanup. The Garden Groom PRO is not only a safe hedge & garden trimmer with concealed 2,700 RPM rotary blades, it also takes away the hassle of cleaning up the mess of clippings afterward. It cuts, shreds (1/10th of their original volume) and collects the trimmings into its built-in receptacle or up to 700 square feet of trimmings into its included detachable bag! It elminates much of the cleanup, reduces personal injury, cannot cut its own power cord in two(how many times have you gotten close too?) and best of all, it now comes in black!

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