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Swaying Firefly Garden Lights

Swaying Firefly Garden Lights

Swaying Firefly Garden Lights

Add a magical touch of illumination to your garden, bushes, flower beds, or along pathways with these cool new Swaying Firefly Garden Lights. These enchanting solar-powered lights feature six LED lights on the end of flexible stalks that create the illusion of fireflies fluttering about in the night breeze. As an added bonus, they might actually attract real fireflies to the light show as well.

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  • Firefly Garden Lights
  • Create a garden scene that offers the illusion of fireflies dancing in between your flowers
  • Adds a charming ambience to your garden
  • Lights are solar-powered so that you don’t need to worry about powering them
  • Each single lamp holds six LED lights on the very end of the stalks
  • Enjoy as the lights shimmer and shine in the evening summer breeze

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