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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel S'mores Roasting Station

Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel S'mores Roasting Station

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If you love making s'mores, there's no need to wait for a roaring campfire to make them, just pull out this cool new S'mores Roasting Station. This rustic s'more making set is handcrafted from a reclaimed Kentucky bourbon barrel and lets you make tasty s'mores anytime, anywhere... indoors or out. The set includes a large tray with compartments to hold all the s'more ingredients, an 8 oz cast iron fuel pot with extinguishing lid, rope-wrapped metal handles, and 4 telescoping roasting forks with matching bourbon barrel handles. All you need to supply is a little can of fuel like Sterno, chocolate bars, marshmallows, graham crackers, and a sweet-tooth. The seasoned cast iron pot can also be used to serve fondue, hot caramel, dips, and more. Hmm, you might want to add some bourbon to the list too.

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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel S'mores Roasting Station
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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel S'mores Roasting Station
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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel S'mores Roasting Station
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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel S'mores Roasting Station
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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel S'mores Roasting Station
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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel S'mores Roasting Station
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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel S'mores Roasting Station
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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel S'mores Roasting Station
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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel S'mores Roasting Station
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