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Leaf Loader

Leaf Loader

Leaf Loader


The cool new Leaf Loader is a handy time-saving contraption that helps to eliminate all the backbreaking bending and scooping when raking up all those pesky Autumn leaves. Just insert it into a lawn debris bag, can or bin, lay it down on the ground, rake the leaves into the wide-mouth funnel, tilt back up, and then repeat until full. When finished with the yardwork, just fold it up flat for space-saving storage. Check out this video to see a quick demonstration.

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  • Eliminates time wasted raking into piles, bending and scooping, making yard clean-up twice as fast
  • 4 foot wide-mouth funnel will quickly "swallow" even the biggest yard clean-up projects
  • Quickly stuffs bags by filling and compressing in one easy step
  • Works great with bag, cans or bins of any size or shape
  • Rigid frame design keeps the leaf loader firmly-flat on any surface, including lawns, walks and driveways
  • Pops open for quick use and folds flat in seconds for easy storage
  • Durable, waterproof material with reinforced frame, includes quick-grip handle and adjustable strap
  • Also great for cleaning up work sites, gutter cleaning and more

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