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Giant Illuminated Holiday Yard Gnomes

Giant Illuminated Holiday Yard Gnomes

Giant Illuminated Holiday Yard Gnomes

I'm not sure when it happened, but the traditional elves of Christmas seem to have been replaced with whimsical little bearded gnomes that wear giant knit stocking caps over their eyes. They're quite adorable. Well, it seems that much, much larger versions of these holiday-loving gnomes have been spotted in the wild... your front lawn! These cool new Illuminated Holiday Yard Gnomes are a pair of giant gnomes ready to celebrate the holiday season with you in your yard or garden. These huge gnomes stake down in the ground and feature metal frame construction, built-in warm white LEDs, and weatherproof fabric to stand up to the harsh winter elements. Best of all, unlike some snitching elves, these festive gnomes won't rat out all the naughty things you did this year to Santa.

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