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Digital Sundial - Displays Sunlit Numbers

Digital Sundial - Displays Sunlit Numbers

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Ancient sundials may have been good at showing the current time by using the position of the sun to cast a shadow like the hands of an analog clock, but now in the 21st century, I'm pleased to announce this cool new Digital Sundial by Mojoptix. Constructed using intricate 3D printing technologies, this modern sundial's gnomon (the shadow caster) is mathematically designed to only let the sunshine through at just the right time and angle to display the time using easy to read sunlit numbers. Once setup for your hemisphere, it can display the time from 10:00 until 16:00 in 20 minute increments and can even be set for Daylight Savings Time. So the next time you're out in your backyard on a sunny day and need to know the time, forget looking at your smartwatch, smartphone, or smart-whatever and simply glance down at your handy sundial. Cool huh?

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Simple and stylish no-nonsense alarm clock that can set its own time, never needs resetting after power outages and doesn't require consulting an instruction manual every time you set the alarm!
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This modern, minimalist clock / sculptural timekeeper tells the time by transforming a flat thermoelastic membrane into 3D numerals that look as if they were engraved right into the surface.
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Somewhere in between sundials and modern smartphone digital timekeeping, there were these strange analog mechanical clocks that flipped vinyl panels with numbers on them to display the time. They have returned.

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Digital Sundial - Displays Sunlit Numbers
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Digital Sundial - Displays Sunlit Numbers
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Digital Sundial - Displays Sunlit Numbers
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Digital Sundial - Displays Sunlit Numbers
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Digital Sundial - Displays Sunlit Numbers
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Digital Sundial - Displays Sunlit Numbers
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Digital Sundial - Displays Sunlit Numbers
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Digital Sundial - Displays Sunlit Numbers
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Digital Sundial - Displays Sunlit Numbers
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