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Strong Beer Cooler - Chills Cans in Minutes

Strong Beer Cooler - Chills Cans in Minutes

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When happy hour is approaching, especially on a hot and humid summer day, and you're stuck with a bunch of warm beer cans, don't panic. Just grab this cool new Strong Beer Cooler from Takara Tomy in Japan, pop in your favorite beer or soda can, add some ice, turn it on, and in just minutes you'll have an icy cold beverage. This handy device has two cooling modes controlled by a temperature sensor that chills cans down to 42.8°F or 28.4°F in just 6-8 minutes. It's compact and portable, so it's perfect for bringing along on camping trips, tailgating, barbecues, and more.

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Strong Beer Cooler - Chills Cans in Minutes
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Strong Beer Cooler - Chills Cans in Minutes
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Strong Beer Cooler - Chills Cans in Minutes
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Strong Beer Cooler - Chills Cans in Minutes
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Strong Beer Cooler - Chills Cans in Minutes
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Strong Beer Cooler - Chills Cans in Minutes
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Strong Beer Cooler - Chills Cans in Minutes
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Strong Beer Cooler - Chills Cans in Minutes
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Strong Beer Cooler - Chills Cans in Minutes
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