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Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass

Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass

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We've all seen insulated can coolers for slipping beers into to help keep them ice cold on a hot summer day, but what about cocktails, margaritas, bloody Marys, or just a pour of your favorite whisk(e)y? This cool new Hybrid Cocktail Glass from Elevated Craft combines a removable 12 oz borosilicate glass insert that can be pre-chilled in the freezer and a vacuum-insulated steel base that slips around it to help keep drinks chilled and not your hand, prevent dilution from melted ice, and eliminate the need for a coaster. The chillable removable insert features a thick glass base that's perfect for muddling cocktails and has built-in markings along the side to help when measuring pours. Additional glass inserts are also sold separately, so you can keep extras in the freezer ready to go for the next round. It also works with hot drinks as well. Check out the video below to see it in action.🍸πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯Ά

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Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass
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Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass
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Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass
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Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass
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Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass
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Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass
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Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass
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Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass
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Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass
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