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Smokey Quartz Whiskey Chillers

Smokey Quartz Whiskey Chillers

Smokey Quartz Whiskey Chillers

There have been many varieties of chilled drinking stones in the past that ranged from stainless steel to soapstone, but none are quite as unique as these cool new Smokey Quartz Whiskey Chillers from designer Anna Rabinowicz. Just place these crystalline quartz cubes in the freezer for a few hours and then drop a few into a glass, pour your favorite whiskey, Scotch, or other spirit over them, and enjoy sipping a chilled drink without dilution. These elegant ice alternatives range in color from wispy grey to deep charcoal and look as if plumes of smoke have been frozen inside. They come in a set of six and include a velvet storage bag.

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  • Designer: Anna Rabinowicz
  • Crystalline cubes provide an elegant alternative to ice for extended enjoyment of your favorite dram
  • Make every cocktail an occasion to dress up with these quartz gems
  • Ranging in color from wispy gray to deep charcoal
  • This particular kind of quartz looks as if plumes of smoke have been frozen inside
  • Store the set in the luxurious velvet gift bag and freeze for up to five hours before using
  • Place a few of the frozen jewels into your glass before pouring yourself a drink
  • Bring your spirits to the ideal sipping temperature sans dilution
  • Set includes six sipping stones

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