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Table 01 - Stable Only When Objects Are Placed On It

Table 01 - Stable Only When Objects Are Placed On It

The cool new Table 01 is a luxurious coffee table / living room sculpture that you will never, ever want to play board games on, especially Jenga. This mind-bending coffee table from Japanese designer Nendo has a unique cantilever tabletop that is only stable when sufficiently weighted objects are placed on top. Choose your favorite coffee table books very carefully and avoid setting drinks down on it at all costs. Even a mere coaster can set off a complete collapse. It's terrifying as far as living room furniture goes, but I love it.


  • Limited edition table by Japanese designer Nendo
  • Stable only when objects are placed on it
  • Table top can be cantilevered by adding sufficient objects to weigh it down
  • Dependence of the furniture on its objects allows for various methods of assembly
  • Materials: Limewood, Painted Wood, Objects in Solid Painted Steel
  • Size: 37' x 37' x 16" H

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