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Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Coffee Table

Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Coffee Table

Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Coffee Table

Fohtooh ma Solo kaychahlah! I like Captain Solo where he is! - Jabba the Hutt (Return of the Jedi)

This cool new Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Coffee Table may not be as strong and well protected as a coffee table constructed from exotic frozen materials only found in a galaxy far, far away, but it makes up for it with everyone's favorite smuggler encased in a block faux Carbonite below a large glass tabletop. Perfect for any proper living room, home theater, or intergalactic space lounge and is almost as cool as the Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Desk.

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  • A larger than average sized living room table and show stopping conversation piece
  • Features a lifesize interpretation of Han Solo encased in Carbonite
  • Black laminate pedestal offers a clean and modern base as well as a shelf for storing television remotes
  • Large glass table top
  • Materials: wood, laminate, fiberglass, aluminum, glass and acrylic
  • Size: 78.5" x by 29.25" x 18" T

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