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Petrified Wood Accent Table

Petrified Wood Accent Table

Petrified Wood Accent Table

Wooden tables are nice and all, but petrified wood tables are way cooler. These cool new Petrified Wood Accent Tables are crafted from petrified wood hand-selected from fossilized trees sustainably sourced from the volcanic central Philippines. Each of these potentially hundreds of millions of years old tables have hand-finished one-of-a-kind petrified wood tabletops that rest on bases forged from solid iron. If they can handle being buried under the Earth for eons, they should hold up pretty well at the end of a sofa in your living room as wel, but always use a coaster just in case.

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  • Crafted using petrified wood cut from fossilized trees
  • The top of this occasional table was buried under layers of mud and ash for untold years
  • Hand-selected for its unique color and texture from the grounds of the volcanic central Philippines
  • Petrified wood is polished to bring out natural variations in color, grain pattern, and texture
  • Tabletop is sculpted using natural materials and finishes are applied by hand
  • Base is forged from solid iron and finished by hand
  • Variations in color, size shape and evenness are to be expected
  • Hand-picked materials are sustainably sourced in compliance with Philippine Environmental Regulations

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