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VPcabs Vertigo - Virtual Upright Pinball / Arcade Machine

VPcabs Vertigo - Virtual Upright Pinball / Arcade Machine

I love pinball machines and classic arcade games! I wish I could, but unfortunately I don't have a vault of money filled high enough nor enough space to buy and fit them all into my home. There's a solution. The cool new VPcabs Vertigo is an all-in-one space-saving virtual pinball machine and arcade cabinet that includes over 60 different pinball games and 60 different classic arcade games. It's got everything from Aliens to Plants vs. Zombies to Star Wars in the pinball mode and everything from Galaga to Contra to Pac-Man in the arcade games mode.

It features a 32" 1080p LED playfield, a joystick, trackball, buttons, a pair of 6.5" coaxial speakers, an 8" subwoofer, and even a non-working OEM style coin door to complete the old school look. If you love classic arcade gaming like me, still have the skills and reflexes, and have a few too many quarters leftover from the 80s and 90s... then put down the smartphone and play some real games.

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