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ZenWheels - iPhone-Controlled Micro Cars

ZenWheels - iPhone-Controlled Micro Cars

The problem with fullsize remote control cars is that they always get way too far away to enjoy and the problem with racing game apps on the iPhone is that you're controlling digital cars that aren't real. However, when remote control cars are miniaturized and controlled with apps, you get these cool new ZenWheels.

These fun micro cars (less than 1 inch tall!) are Bluetooth controlled via a free app for your iPod, iPhone, iPad. I'm not sure how they fit all of the following into something so small, but they feature real rack and pinion steering with proportional servo-controlled precision, working headlights (with brights), underglow body lights, signal lights, a horn and even sirens. There's even a built-in race timing system to accurately and automatically time your laps around a course of included traffic cones. Check out this VIDEO to see them in action. Cool huh?


  • Free iPhone App for controlling the car
  • Real Rack and Pinion Steering with proportional servo controlled precision
  • Fully functioning signal lights, hazard lights, horn and headlights with brights!
  • Sick underglow body lights
  • 2 police siren modes!
  • Built-in race timing system that works with the app to accurately and automatically time your laps around a course of traffic cones (included)
  • Bluetooth R/C system - no need to plug in annoying dongle hardware into the iPhone
  • Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad
  • Car is less than 1 inch tall!

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