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Mousr - App-Controlled Robotic Interactive Cat Toy

Mousr - App-Controlled Robotic Interactive Cat Toy

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Is your furry purring pal bored with the typical toys you pamper them with? Does it only like to play with the cardboard boxes that the toys came in? Well, it's time to upgrade your cat's entertainment to this cool new Petronics Mousr. This is no cheap cat toy from the supermarket. It's a highly advanced, state-of-the-art cat toy with one mission... to drive your cat absolutely crazy. This little mouse toys connects to your smartphone via a free app and allows you to either set it to automatically play, tease, taunt, flee, and escape from your cat or it can also be driven in manual mode by humans right from the touchscreen.

Just unleash this little wheeled mouse toy into a room with a cat and it will automatically sense and react to a cat's predatory instincts as it rolls around effortlessly over almost all household surfaces, including high pile carpets, while flicking its variety of unique and replaceable tail attachments around. If it senses that it's been caught, it can either play dead or try to escape or even flip back over when it gets knocked upside down. It features a tough polycarbonate shell designed to take on the biggest and toughest house cats (not lions), a high quality gearbox, a variety of high tech sensors for avoiding obstacles, determining cat proximity, and knowing its orientation, and it recharges in only 30 minutes for another 40 minute round of play. Your cat will welcome the break from the hunt. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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Panoramic In-House Window Bird Feeder With One-Way Mirror
This unique handcrafted mahogany bird feeder is designed to fit on a windowsill to let you and your hungry cat watch birds feast on seeds right inside your home using a one-way mirrored panel to prevent them from seeing you.
Ant's Life Studio - Virtual Interactive Ant Farm
Create entire colonies of ants who build, create, maintain, and survive in their digital nests... right before your very eyes!
Kit-In Box - Desktop Cat Bed
Clamp this cat bed to the side of your desk to give them a place to sleep and stare at you all day while being on the desk, but off the desk at the same time.
Space Capsule Cat Bed
A miniature spacecraft / pet bed for cats from outer space (and Earth) with a transparent dome on top to safely obverse the universe around them.
Cardboard Retro Rocket Ship for Space Cats
This whimsical cat playhouse is shaped like a retro, space age rocket ship constructed from strong, recycled cardboard.
Realistic Cat and Dog Paw Socks
Transform your boring old human feet into fun and furry cat or dog paws depending on your preferred pet preference.
Dog Umbrella Leash
If it's raining, sleeting or snowing hard enough for you to grab an umbrella while taking your dog for a walk, shouldn't your little friend get some weather protection as well?
Doggles - Stylish Protective Eyewear for Dogs
Not only are they funny, the anti-fog, shatterproof lenses also offer 100% UV protection from the sun and protection from wind, bugs and debris, if your dog likes riding in the car with his head out the window.
Buckingham Palace Kitty Mansion
If you're filthy rich and powerful, yet still let your little pampered cat rule your life, you may need to upgrade their current commoner's cat tree to something more befitting of true animal royalty like this epically ridiculous cat palace!

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Mousr - App-Controlled Robotic Interactive Cat Toy
This ready to fly miniature jump jet is inspired by the famous vertical takeoff Harrier Jets. It can vertically take off, hover and land like a helicopter and fly around like a jet using four gyroscopically balanced rotors for precision omni-directional flying.
Mousr - App-Controlled Robotic Interactive Cat Toy
I really want one of these Remote-Controlled F-16 Fighting Falcon Ducted Fan Jet! Propellers... Bah! Time to go buzz the neighbors!
Mousr - App-Controlled Robotic Interactive Cat Toy
The smallest nano quadcopter in the world that is kind of like a futuristic remote control flying insect.
Mousr - App-Controlled Robotic Interactive Cat Toy
A cool new mini vehicular pool toy designed to power soak unsuspecting victims, in and out of the pool. It has three moveable water cannons that can spray water 360 degrees as far as 5 feet away.
Mousr - App-Controlled Robotic Interactive Cat Toy
Take office cubicle warfare to new heights when you bomb your unsuspecting coworkers with ping pong balls using this app-controlled helicopter/drone/bomber.
Mousr - App-Controlled Robotic Interactive Cat Toy
This amazing little car generates a powerful vacuum underneath causing it to cling to any flat surface. Hit the gas and you'll be cruising effortlessly across the wall leaving the floor free for those other lowly ground based r/c vehicles.
Mousr - App-Controlled Robotic Interactive Cat Toy
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... Pool Sharks!... and I don't mean billiards.
Mousr - App-Controlled Robotic Interactive Cat Toy
This innovative robot is basically just a self-balancing, motorized iPad stand that allows you to be in two places at once via roving telepresence.
Mousr - App-Controlled Robotic Interactive Cat Toy
Kids and adults alike should get a thrill from the Swimways R/C Water Cannon. It looks innocent enough floating about the pool like a toy or cleaner, but little do the sunbathing people poolside realize, they're about to get soaked!

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