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Virtual Reality Remote Control FPV Race Car - Puts You In the Driver's Seat!

Virtual Reality Remote Control FPV Race Car - Puts You In the Driver's Seat!

If you've always dreamt of tearing through the streets in a Bugatti Chiron... well, keep dreaming. However, you can experience a very scaled down version of this dream with this cool new FAO Schwarz RC VR Italia Racer. This sleek remote-controlled race car puts you in the driver's seat when you strap on the included smartphone headset to see what the car sees in real time. They call it virtual reality, but it's very much reality as the car's camera streams first person video footage directly back to the headset as you race around at up to 80 mph scaled speeds. It features working LED headlights and brake lights, long range 2.4 GHz frequency, a rechargeable battery, the ability to save the video clips, and a joystick remote control. This thing seems like it would be a total blast to play with and sure to make a cool gift.


  • Put yourself in the driver's seat with the camera and VR headset
  • Place your smartphone inside the headset and use them as VR goggles so you can see what your car sees
  • Feel like a high-speed race car driver
  • Streams video footage directly to your smartphone
  • Inspired by the ultra-sleek Bugatti Chiron
  • Real working LED headlights and brake lights
  • Color-accented aerodynamic body
  • Save and download your favorite clips
  • 80 mph scaled speed
  • 2.4 GHz frequency enables long-range control for extended play
  • Joypad style remote control is intuitive and easy to operate even for beginners

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