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Revomaze Extreme Puzzle

Revomaze Extreme Puzzle

Revomaze Extreme Puzzle

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Has the mysterious ISIS Puzzle Orb finally been dethroned as the most difficult puzzle ever?

The cool new Revomaze Extreme Puzzle is based on a revolving maze that requires dexterity, memory, endurance and self-control to solve. Each puzzle is individually milled from a solid block of metal and features an internal maze of fiendish dead-ends, traps and one way paths that are precisely engineered for smooth mechanical manipulation. Not only is it really difficult to crack, but if you can actually solve the puzzle and remove the inner metal core, you will find a secret code embedded inside that you can register online at the company's website for a chance to enter a live competition and win fabulous cash prizes. Currently there are three difficulty levels available, Blue, Green and Bronze, but there are future plans for an even more difficult puzzle, the Silver and then the nearly impossible, Gold.

This hardcore puzzle sure makes the original master of enigmatic frustration, the Rubik's Cube, look like mere child's play.

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