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Gigantic Backyard Water Slide

Gigantic Backyard Water Slide

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Take slipping and sliding across the lawn to the next level this summer with this cool new FunAir Super Sweet Slide Extreme. This monstrous 10' wide by 50' long backyard water slide is constructed from super slick commercial-grade, reinforced PVC Tarpaulin material and has inflatable side bumpers to keep sliders on the right path and water flowing in the right direction. It includes everything you need including an electric pump, stakes, mallet, straps, and a carry bag. All you need to supply is water from the hose and bravery.

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Gigantic Backyard Water Slide
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Gigantic Backyard Water Slide
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Gigantic Backyard Water Slide
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Gigantic Backyard Water Slide
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Gigantic Backyard Water Slide
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Gigantic Backyard Water Slide
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Gigantic Backyard Water Slide
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Gigantic Backyard Water Slide
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Gigantic Backyard Water Slide
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