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Sony PlayStation 3

Sony PlayStation 3

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I bought the Sony PlayStation 3 when it came out and I don't care what anyone says, this thing is sweet! Not only does it have unreal high-definition graphics and gaming, plays Blu-Ray movies, has motion-sensitive wireless Bluetooth controllers, internal wi-fi, free online PlayStation Network, Internet Browser, online Playstation Store games (Super StarDust is awesome), videos, trailers, movies, etc., Folding@home protein folding distributed computing project, Playstation Home online social simulator, 80GB hard drive, memory card reader, DVD hi-def upscaling, home network DLNA multimedia streaming, optional second OS for adding Linux, slide-in disk loading, touch-sensitive buttons on the console, etc. etc. Basically, I don't know the full capabilities of this thing yet, they keep adding new stuff and improvements all the time via firmware updates. It truly is an incredible piece of technology, well worth $599 80GB w/ Motorstorm ($499 60GB / No Game)! Just think what a "cheap" laptop computer costs in comparision. In my opinion, the other next-generation systems simply don't have the same features or capabilites for the money. They may have more games as of now, but that's about to change.

Sure the xBox 360 has similar high-definition graphics, but no built-in wi-fi, no motion sensing controllers, no Internet browser, no memory card reader, no HDMI output and no Blu-Ray/HD-DVD, it has an ancient slide out disc loading tray, a 30% FAILURE Rate!, it's noisy plus you have to pay to use their LIVE service. Price $399 - WTF?

The Nintendo Wii is very unique, has better motion sensing controllers and a better online browser (Opera), but the graphic experience is absolutely abysmal on my HDTV. From what I've seen so far, I think old Super Nintendo graphics are superior at times, but to be fair I'm sure it looks great on an old tube tv. So basically I'm $250 paying for ONE superior motion sensing controller, a collection of mini-games, no high-definition output, an opportunity to purchase expensive downloadable OLD games from their online store, inferior graphics, creatable Miis that do nothing, no DVD playback, oh and the slot glows a cool blue when it needs an update! $250!!! For what? Forget it, wait until the price comes down to what it's actually worth or play it at the mall and get it out of your system. If you're buying one simply because you need exercise, I'm sorry you're an idiot.

When you finally decide to take that plunge into pure high-definition entertainment, be sure to add TheGreenHead as your friend and prepare for a total MotorStorm showdown! The Green Head Crew here at Headquarters take no prisoners! Also, be sure to check out some of the cool videos below to see some of the features we discussed above in action. I think you'll agree when you finally get one, that this thing truly is scary technology, almost like that silent black monolith in 2001, watching over you from the corner of the living room...

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