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Metal Detecting Dune Buggy

Metal Detecting Dune Buggy

Metal Detecting Dune Buggy

If you're tired of wandering around looking for buried treasures with a regular old metal detector, then you need the cool new Metal Detecting Dune Buggy.

This high-tech remote control dune buggy has a built-in metal detector that can detect buried metallic objects down to 4" deep. As you drive it around, it beeps and flashed its lights when it finds treasure. It features a 25' remote control range, adjustable sensitivity for different terrains and includes three faux gold doubloons (metal) to practice searching with and two plastic digging tools for excavating your potentially priceless finds. Unfortunately, the only thing you'll probably ever find is another metal detector.

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  • Detects buried iron-based metals down to 4"
  • Alerts by flashing a red LED and beeping
  • Sensitivity can be modified to suit the terrain
  • Includes three faux gold doubloons (metal) to bury and two plastic digging tools
  • Works best on yards, dirt lots, low grass and flat sand
  • Size: 11.5" L x 9.5" W x 6.5" H - 2lbs

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