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VRC Strike Force - Motion Sensing Remote Controlled Jet

VRC Strike Force - Motion Sensing Remote Controlled Jet

The cool new VRC Strike Force is a high-tech remote controlled jet that responds to the motion of its virtual reality joystick, simulating the yoke in a real cockpit. After a smooth takeoff on the detachable landing gear, just pull the trigger to soar and tilt the joystick left, right, forward and reverse for precision directional control. It can reach top speeds of 25 mph using rear-mounted, thrust producing propellers, has a 150 foot range and lasts for up to 10 minutes per flight on a single 30 minute charge. It's sort of like a realistic version of a motion-controlled video game, except you get to actually enjoy the outdoors.


  • Ergonomic virtual reality joystick control
  • Jet responds to the motion of its master joystick
  • 2 channel control, tilt forward, tilt left, tilt right
  • Rear-mounted propellers provide thrust
  • Top speed of 25 mph
  • 150 foot range - Precise digital proportion control
  • Up to 10 minutes flights off a single 30 minute charge
  • Detachable landing gear enables take off and landing on smooth surfaces
  • Includes portable charger - Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Size: 3" H x 10" W x 12.5" D - 8 oz

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