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Remote Control Animatronic Crawling Dead Girl

Remote Control Animatronic Crawling Dead Girl

Remote Control Animatronic Crawling Dead Girl

If the dead should one day rise up from their graves, you'll probably have more trouble escaping from the running dead than the slow walking dead, but the crawling dead could be hiding under things, waiting to grab you and slurp out your brains. That's an unexpected problem. Which is why this cool new Remote Control Animatronic Crawling Dead Girl is perfect for terrifying your Halloween party victims, trick-or-treaters, or just anyone at anytime during the rest of the year.

This hideous animatronic Halloween prop depicts the upper torso of an undead zombie girl who was seemingly torn in half and then forced to crawl on her hands to snag her next brain-filled meal. Even better, she's fully remote-controlled with a 65 foot range, so you can control who she attacks next... from beneath the kitchen table, under the bed, in the closet, or even at the office. Check out the video below to see her in action... if you dare!

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  • Beware of the crawling dead
  • This undead woman is starving for human flesh!
  • You’re in control of who she attacks next when you use the included remote control
  • Scare all of your guests!
  • She moves forward, backward, left and right
  • Remote with 65-foot range
  • Indoor use
  • Makes Zombie groans
  • Size: 19.5" H x 38" W x 14" D - 5.29 lbs

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