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Massive Inflatable Kicking Witch Legs

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Massive Inflatable Kicking Witch Legs

"Don't mind her. She's still upset because somebody dropped a house on her sister." - Otho (Beetlejuice)

This Halloween, pretend your house got whisked away by a tornado and dropped from the sky onto a nasty wicked witch in a far away magical land with this cool new Flattened Kicking Witch. These massive 6 foot long inflatable legs gently kick up and down like there's a wicked witch trapped beneath your home. They illuminate at night via 7 integrated LEDs, stay inflated using built-in air blowers, and won't melt in the rain like real wicked witches in water. They also include ground stakes, but not sure if they'll hold up to a good old-fashioned Kansas twister.

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