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Squirrel on a Tree Stump Nut Bowl

Squirrel on a Tree Stump Nut Bowl

Squirrel on a Tree Stump Nut Bowl

This cool new Standing Squirrel Nut Bowl from Arthur Court Designs is a whimsical little nut bowl that looks like a hollowed out tree stump with an aluminum squirrel standing on the edge ready to dive in to the nuts. Each bowl is created entirely by hand from high quality resin with a sand-cast aluminum squirrel figure and matching acorn-shaped scoop that can be held in the squirrel's paws. Pairs nicely with the Squirrel Nutcracker.

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  • Arthur Court Designs
  • Exquisite, aluminum squirrel balances on the edge of this piece as he watches over his treasured collection of nuts
  • Realistically crafted in resin
  • Stump-like stand features an intricate exterior of figural bark - interior takes on a lighter, wooden color
  • Includes an aluminum, nut-shaped scoop
  • Handcrafted, sand-cast aluminum accents resin in this design
  • After cooling and unmolding, the pieces are polished in 4 stages
  • Wash by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately
  • Created entirely by hand, one piece at a time
  • Size: 7" Diameter

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