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Ghost Cake

Ghost Cake

This cool new Ghost Cake is a spooky 4 layer red velvet cake shaped like a friendly ghost that is layered with vanilla cream cheese frosting and topped with a ghostly fondant cloak with two eyes cut out like a homemade bed sheet ghost costume. It's also Ectoplasm-free and will not haunt your home. Each cake is baked to order from scratch at Florida's We Take the Cake bakery, shipped frozen, and is large enough to serve up to 8-10 living humans once thawed out in the fridge overnight. Perfect for Halloween parties, séances, a super awkward dessert at a funeral dinner, or just anytime you're hungry for tasty cake shaped like a cute little ghost.

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  • 4 layers of moist, tender red velvet cake prepared by artisan bakers at Florida's We Take the Cake bakery
  • Baked to order from scratch with butter, buttermilk, cocoa powder and whole eggs for fresh, homemade flavor
  • Layered with vanilla cream cheese frosting then covered with a fondant cloak and two eye cutouts
  • Serves 8–10
  • Served at holiday gatherings, it's sure to raise everyone's spirits
  • Red Velvet Cake: Flour, sugar, butter, trans fat–free vegetable oil, whole buttermilk, fresh eggs, cocoa powder, white vinegar, vanilla, baking powder, salt,
  • Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting: Vanilla, powdered sugar, milk, cream cheese, butter, salt
  • Shipped frozen
  • Made in USA
  • Size: 6" Diameter x 4.5" H - 4 lbs 8 oz

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