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The Original BlurryMan Mask

The Original BlurryMan Mask

The Original BlurryMan Mask

Sometimes the most terrifying horror moments come from the very subtlest of things, like accidentally looking at this cool new yet quite off-putting The Original BlurryMan Mask. This unsettling face mask looks like someone's entire head and facial features went all blurry and out-of-focus and their eyes and mouth were replaced with black holes for seeing, breathing... and looking super nightmarish. It's perfect for endless pranks and mischievous laughs, being really unnerving to everyone at a Halloween or costume party, ruining family photos, heists of all kinds, or you just want to stay extra anonymous while getting a lot of attention at the same time. đŸ˜±

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  • An unsettling face mask with blurry features
  • A mask with an out-of-focus print of a person's head and facial features
  • Prank your friends and unsuspecting strangers with the off-putting and strangely out-of-focus Original BlurryMan Mask!
  • This creepy head covering is made to look like a freakishly fuzzy face that your eyes can't quite resolve, creating a uniquely spooky look
  • Round eye and mouth holes allow for clear viewing and breathing while adding yet another dimension of eeriness that you can't quite put your finger on
  • Awesomely creepy!
  • Material: all-natural latex
  • Handmade in the USA

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