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Giant Baked Apple Pie Blanket

Giant Baked Apple Pie Blanket

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This cool new Apple Pie Blanket is a soft, round throw blanket that looks exactly like a gigantic, 5 foot wide baked apple pie. It's made from extra cozy polyester fleece with an ultra-realistic and quite tasty-looking print of a baked apple pie on the top and comes packaged in a fun pie box that's perfecting for gifting. It's perfect for picnics out in an apple orchard, cozying up on the couch with a slice of real apple pie, or just passed out on the couch after a Thanksgiving feast with apple pie for dessert. If pie isn't your thing, they also sell other realistic giant blankets like a burrito tortilla, a pepperoni pizza, a donut with sprinkles, or a latte decoration as well. Hmm, now where's the massive slice of cheddar cheese blanket to place on top of the apple pie blanket? I'll stay on the case...

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Giant Baked Apple Pie Blanket
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Giant Baked Apple Pie Blanket
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Giant Baked Apple Pie Blanket
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Giant Baked Apple Pie Blanket
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Giant Baked Apple Pie Blanket
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Giant Baked Apple Pie Blanket
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Giant Baked Apple Pie Blanket
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Giant Baked Apple Pie Blanket
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Giant Baked Apple Pie Blanket
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