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TentaCuddle Blanket

TentaCuddle Blanket

TentaCuddle Blanket

Unlike boring old blankets with sleeves, this cool new TentaCuddle Blanket has five creepy tentacles with suckers instead. Yes, these should probably be called arms instead of tentacles, but arms blanket doesn't sound as cool. Each of these undersea creature-inspired blankets is made from 100% acrylic (no tentacled species were harmed), has five two foot long suckered tentacles with openings near the ends, and has a unique conical shape that increases in width the deeper down into the mouth of the blanket you go. Perfect for cuddling up on the sofa around Halloween to watch Creature From the Black Lagoon, reading Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, keeping warm on the deck of a ship watching a massive Kraken approach, or just for the strange thrill of being covered in giant green tentacles for no reason.

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  • A ThinkGeek creation
  • Keeps you warm and makes you look like a sea creature
  • Perfect for streaming marathons on the couch or curling up with a good book
  • 5 tentacles, each with an opening near the end to put thumb, hand, or foot through
  • Each tentacle is 2 ft. long with 3 suckers
  • Tentacles (or arms, depending on your chosen species) do not assist in locomotion
  • Capacity: One humanoid
  • Materials: 100% acrylic
  • It's a conical sort of shape, so the width increases as you move down the blanket
  • Size: Body is 40" wide at base (not including tentacles) x 40" tall (not including tentacles)

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