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Dry Brew - Waterless Coffee Chews

Dry Brew - Waterless Coffee Chews

Dry Brew - Waterless Coffee Chews

Traditionally, there's been hot-brewed coffee and cold-brewed coffee, but who has the time to stand around brewing it? It's time for waterless coffee! These cool new Dry Brew Coffee Chews are each made from a 6 fl oz medium roast coffee with natural caffeine that has been condensed down into a soft tasty chew using a patented waterless coffee process along with some non-dairy creamer and a zero calorie sweetener. Each piece contains 65mg of natural caffeine which is equivalent to a 6 oz cup of coffee. The perfect on the go solution for anyone who loves coffee, but doesn't happen to have a steaming hot cup of it with them while hiking, running, working, commuting, studying, etc.

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  • 15 individually wrapped Dry Brew Coffee Chews per package
  • Soft candy made with real coffee
  • 3 simple ingredients: real coffee with natural caffeine, non-dairy creamer, and zero calorie sweetener
  • Waterless Coffee: US Patent # 8,236,366
  • 6 fl oz of medium roast coffee condensed into each coffee chew
  • 65mg of naturally derived caffeine per piece - equivalent to a 6oz cup of coffee
  • Perfect for hikers, athletes, working professionals, students and anyone who is always on the go

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