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Metal Gyro - Remote Control Helicopter

Metal Gyro - Remote Control Helicopter

Metal Gyro - Remote Control Helicopter

If you've ever flown one of those mini remote control helicopters, although they are fun to fly, you know that their cheap foam bodies easily break (when knocked from the sky by curious cats!) and it's hard to maintain their trim alignments to keep them from spinning out of control. Well flyboys, all these problems and more have been solved with the next generation in remote control mini-coptering!

The cool new Metal Gyro - Remote Control Helicopter* features a rugged metal body construction, landing gear and struts, a solid state accelerometer for precision control and it charges via USB on your computer. The internal gyroscope ensures that the helicopter stays locked on in whatever direction it's facing for incredible turns and instant stops without spinning. It also features three channel control for fully proportional up/down, right/left and forward/backward control, dual counter-rotating blades for incredible hovering and stability an increased internal Li battery capacity for more power and two different channels for flying with friends. This latest and greatest of small R/C copters should finally give you the advantage of successfully buzzing sleeping cats or your boss at the office and avoiding their wrath!

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