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PowerUp 4.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane Kit

PowerUp 4.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane Kit

PowerUp 4.0 - App-Controlled R/C Paper Airplane Kit


No matter how impressive your paper airplane folding skills may be, gravity is either going to pull it down in a few seconds or it's going to nosedive spectacularly... or get intercepted mid-air by a house cat. Well, there's not much you can do about surprise attack cats, but you can keep your paper airplane in the air with full remote control functions from the ground and the ability to pull off spectacular aerobatic stunts with this cool new PowerUp 4.0 - R/C Paper Airplane Kit. This innovative kit transforms an ordinary paper airplane into a powered, app-controlled R/C plane that's easy to fly with dual high-speed motors, an onboard flight computer, autopilot and acrobatic modes, and a gyro accelerometer stabilizer. Take to the skies with paper, foam, or even balsa wood airplane models, perform loops, barrel rolls, and hammerhead maneuvers, and fly for up to 10 minutes per charge at speeds up to 20 mph with an impressive 230+ foot range. It can automatically calibrate the plane for imperfect weather, has built-in launch assist, a wind stabilizer to prevent choppiness, and durable carbon-fiber construction to protect it from an accidental crash. It even has a Find My Plane mode just in case an enemy cat does knock it out of the sky and run off with it. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • POWERUP 4.0 The Next-Generation Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit
  • Turn any paper plane into a powered, remote-controlled flying machine
  • Control your flight through your smartphone. iPhone / Android Devices and Tablet compatible
  • Easy to fly with onboard flight computer, autopilot, and gyro accelerometer stabilizer that prevents nosedives and reduces choppiness
  • Instantly put yourself in the cockpit of an amazing smartphone controlled paper airplane that does high speed tricks
  • Can fly countless paper, foam, and even balsa wood airplane models
  • Loops, Barrel Rolls, and Hammerheads are achieved with the special Acro Mode
  • Onboard computer automatically calibrates your paper airplane for imperfect weather with a built-in launch assist and wind stabilizer
  • Two high-speed motors: more thrust, extra maneuverability and sharper turns
  • Acro mode: Enjoy your own private airshow
  • 20 mph speeds
  • 10 minute flight time
  • 30 minute quick charge
  • 230+ foot range
  • Great for beginners and flight hobbyists who can’t wait to fly
  • Durable carbon-fiber construction means you can enjoy peace of mind while flying
  • Nylon reinforced nose and motor mount designed to withstand unexpected impacts without breaking
  • Control your airplane with your smartphone
  • Start easy and let the flight computer help you learn
  • Supports paper planes, light balsa wood plane or foam models
  • Review flight metrics, analyze your maneuvers and get flying tips
  • The app will help you monitor your progress from a beginner to a master
  • Find My Plane feature ensures you will never lose your POWERUP 4.0
  • Doesn't require a license to operate or registration with the FAA

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