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Remote Control Fish Catching Boat

Remote Control Fish Catching Boat

Remote Control Fish Catching Boat

If you get seasick while out on a fishing boat or think standing along the shore all day waiting for a bite is a little too boring, then you need to check out this cool new Fish Catching RC Boat. Just set the pre-rigged tackle, launch this little remote control fishing boat out into water, wait for the bobber to indicate a hungry fishing biting on the hooked line, then drive it forward to set the hook and "reel" it into shore. This remote control fishing pole / boat is able to snag up to a 2 pound fish and includes a telescoping grapple that fetches the boat and its catch from the water, two fishing tackle rigs, three extra bobbers, and 30' of line. Perfect for lazily trolling the waters for fish in hard to reach spots, but beware of giant fish looking to drag your boat to a watery grave or make you chase it downstream. I hope a future version just does all this automatically while I rest beside the beer cooler.

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