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ExoSuit - Self-Propelled Atmospheric Diving Suit

ExoSuit - Self-Propelled Atmospheric Diving Suit

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When you combine a spacesuit, the IronMan suit, and a submarine, you get something like this cool new ExoSuit from inventor and undersea explorer Dr. Phil Nuytten. This high-tech, self-propelled atmospheric diving suit lets divers safely explore the ocean depths 1000 feet below the surface with exceptional flexibility, dexterity, and mobility. This wearable human-shaped submarine has an atmospheric diving system that maintains sea level air pressure inside, a 50 hour life support system, integrated thrusters for "flying" around, rotary joints that allow freedom of movement for the wearer's arms and legs, and much, much more. Perfect for underwater explorers, archeologists, research scientists, commercial dive companies, military operations, and super-heroes and -villains alike.

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