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CreekKooler - Towable Floating Cooler

CreekKooler - Towable Floating Cooler

CreekKooler - Towable Floating Cooler

This cool new CreekKooler is a convenient floating insulated cooler designed to be towed behind a kayak or other small watercraft. It's kayak-like hull is watertight making it also great for additional dry storage, uses 2" inches of insulation to keep contents cold for up to 48 hours, has a 30 quart capacity that can hold up to 30 cans and 20 lbs of ice, includes 3 skids along the bottom for easy dragging, and, most importantly, has4 cupholders on the deck. Perfect for drinking while kayaking, drinking while swimming in the water at the beach, lake, or pool, drinking while dragging extra drinks along the ground, in the snow, or through a flood, and much more. Great space-saving solution.

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  • Floating Cooler - Save space in your small watercraft and tow the CreekKooler
  • Insulated Design - 2" of insulation is injected into the hull and deck giving it an ice retention of 48 hours
  • 30 quart capacity holds (30) 12 oz cans and 20 lbs of ice
  • Towable - Tow the CreekKooler behind small watercrafts, float in the water or drag across dry ground
  • Kayak-like hull that makes it possible to tow behind small watercrafts i.e. kayak, canoe, paddleboard, or raft
  • Convenient to float alongside you at the lake dock or keep on hand at the beach
  • Dry Storage - Watertight, locking lid and o-ring design - use as secure storage on the water or in the snow
  • Three skids on the bottom of the hull allow for dragging over dry ground
  • Dual-wall, blow molded construction
  • 4 drink holders located on deck
  • Made in the USA

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